Despite international efforts and legal actions to address the inequities the Deaf face in their daily lives and education, the problems they encounter continue to exist and there is still a need to raise the awareness of society about the Deaf-related issues. Due to the lack of enough number of certified and qualified sign language interpreters, …


Certificate Programs

A sign language coordination network is suggested to coordinate data-driven approach for initiating and/or revising curriculum for sign language interpreting in order to increase both the number of sign language interpreting undergraduate programs and certificate programs, and qualified sign language interpreters.

The Coordination Network

The coordination network will also be responsible for a common disciplined sign language education curriculum across countries, which also form the basis of proposed sign language prep school to make students have enough competence to follow sign language- medium instruction.

AI-based Infrastructure

To solve their inequity problem in education, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based infrastructure which can interpret from sign language to text/speech and from text/speech to sign language will be investigated.

Efforts to raise awareness about the Deaf community

A deaf and sign language center is planned to be established to coordinate studies and efforts to raise awareness about the Deaf community, and function as an academic body to study sign language teaching, sign language interpreting, and technological innovation that could promote the Deaf to become independent and successful.
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